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    Coconut Water


    Coconut water or coconut juice is a type of juice. Coconut water is popularly used for rehydration after physical activity or an illness such as diarrhea. It's true that coconut water has natural electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and manganese.

    Coconut water with pulp , It is fruit beverage drink and have natural color . It is delicious coconut water with pulp , packing in glass bottle with purity 60 % . It weight 0.28 kg or volume 290 ml .
    Packing 24 x 290 ml per carton. Shelf life is 18 months. We produce products under the customer’s brand or OEM

    Canned coconut water
    Our customers can produce pure coconut water in Aluminium can. Size 350 ml. (Canned) , packing 24 x 350 ml with shelf life is 2 Years. We produce products under the customer’s brand or OEM

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    Bluefish Limited Partnership is trader and packing for coconut products and gloves from Thailand. We also produce products under the customer’s brand or OEM. read more

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